What are Quick Challenges in Fortnite?

Easy XP.


Quick Challenges in Fortnite are one of the easiest sources of XP in the game. These easy challenges can be found on the left side of the screen when you are on the Play tab. Each day, there will be five new challenges that are worth 14,000 XP each, when you finish them they will be replaced by new challenges, but these are only worth 1400 XP.

Quick Challenges

Challenges range from simple things like harvest a certain amount of wood, killing Marauders or Henchmen, opening chests, or search ammo crates. They have also been used to do some more specific things, like a rare challenge related to the fourth of July that tasked players with settings off fireworks near Lazy Lake.

You can complete Quick Challenges in Solos, Duos, Squad, or Team Rumble mode, so you have plenty of freedom about how to get them done.

There is currently something of a rush on getting quick challenges done by people who purchased the Derby Dynamo Challenge Bundle. This skin set comes with a set of challenges that are worth a serious amount of V-Bucks.

  • 6 Quick Challenges – 100 V-bucks
  • 12 Quick Challenges – 200 V-bucks
  • 18 Quick Challenges – 300 V-bucks
  • 24 Quick Challenges – 400 V-bucks
  • 30 Quick Challenges – 500 V-bucks

The Bundle comes with a skin with three styles, back bling with three styles, and emote, and the above challenges will give you a total of 1500 V-Bucks when they are completed. For these challenges, you don’t need to complete just the 14,000 XP challenge, any quick challenges will add to your counter.