What are Secret Passages in Fortnite, and why were they disabled?

Gone, but not forgotten.

Secret Passages

Secret Passages were introduced to Fortnite in Chapter 2 Season 2, giving players a new way to get around the map. Secret Passages were tunnels that you automatically moved through if you go into them, taking you to a different area. There were disguised as portable toilets and garbage dumpsters, and if you interacted with them, you could jump inside, travel through the tunnel, and coming out somewhere else. If you learned the routes, they were an easy way to traverse areas, and possibly get the drop on some enemies.

They were often centered around areas like the Grotto, and the Agency, and in the new Seasons, you could find them at places like the Fortilla, the Authority, and other spots around the map.

Epic sent a tweet earlier today advising that Secret Passages had been disabled, but they did not offer any reason why saying it was “due to an issue.” We don’t know what this issue was, or how it impacted players who went through the apparently bugged Secret Passages. Now that they are no longer working as intended, the Secret Passage will just function as hiding spots instead, the same as their regular counterparts.

If you jump in one of them now, you will end up hiding rather than traveling somewhere. This is bad news for people who like to raid that Vaults at the Fortilla, Catty Corner, and the Authority, as the Secret Passages gave you an excellent way to get out of the Vault is there was a lot of action going on outside. If you plan on getting all that sweet loot, be sure you have a solid exit plan.