What does Endurance mean in Dead by Daylight? DBD Endurance, explained

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Dead by Daylight might appear simple on the surface, but it has a lot going on under the hood. Survivors and Killers can be hindered or helped by various status effects, many of which you won’t understand at first. This guide explains what Endurance means in Dead by Daylight, and how it will affect you in each Trial.

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Endurance status effect in Dead by Daylight, explained

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You’ll likely be familiar with the Endurance even if you don’t understand it. It’s a status effect that allows Survivors to take a single hit from a Killer without being downed or injured. When it’s active, Survivors will glow with a white aura and can even gain a speed boost. Surviving a single hit is an incredibly powerful ability, which is why so many Survivors ensure they have it via a perk or Offering. It most commonly comes into effect when being unhooked, since Killers will wait around at hooks and try to get a cheeky hit in, but Endurance puts a stop to that.

Endurance is far from the only status effect that you should pay attention to with your Survivors though, but it is one you should prioritize. Try to look for perks that will give you Endurance after being hooked just because the advantages there are incredible. You can combine add-ons with perks to boost how long Endurance lasts and have it reset when you’re hooked again. This status can save you from being downed in tricky situations and is often better than having a dash available because the Killer will ultimately catch up after a dash, but Endurance will slow them down.

Which perks will grant Endurance?

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The perks that will give a Survivor Endurance are as follows:

  • Borrowed Time: Protects a Survivor you unhook with Endurance for a short period of time. Any damage taken that would lead to the Dying State instead inflicts Deep Wound.
  • Mettle of Man: Protects you from being downed by a hit from the Killer after your third protection state is activated. Hits put you into the Injured status.
  • Soul Guard: After being healed or recovering from the Dying State, Endurance is activated.