What happens if you land on the Zero Point in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5?

A brief journey.


By now, you should be aware the Zero Point in Fortnite has been exposed. Galactus attempted to eat it at the end of Chapter 2 Season 4, and now it hangs above a vast desert of sand and crystals, half-cracked and surrounded by strange wisps of power and energy.

It looks really cool, but what happens if you try and land on it? We know that Jonesy has hired bounty hunters to stop anyone escaping through it and leaving the simulation, but is that really possible?

At the moment, if you land on the Zero Point you will appear to enter a wormhole, but that is actually just you traveling through the Zero Point itself. You will come out the other side, then fall to the ground. You won’t take fall damage, but you will gain 50 shields from the experience.

The real fun part is that this is currently a murder zone and everyone wants to see what happens if they do it. There are some chests and loot directly below the Zero Point, so it is a very fun if highly risky way to start a match. You won’t really have a shield advantage over people, as they will more than likely have traveled through the Zero Point as well.

Still, it is a nice touch and could play into some challenges or story development later in the season. So, it is not a way that we can escape right now, but Jonesy is certainly worried about it.