What is a prenup in BitLife, and how does it work?

Money can fracture a marriage.


When you choose to marry someone in BitLife, the two of you will be managing your finances together. More often than not, if you have a specific plan with your character, your spouse might have to deal with your shenanigans, which will vary on the type of challenge or goal you have with your current life. If money is a big concern of yours, your spouse, if they attempt to divorce you, might have the chance to cut your profits in half. However, you can prevent this with the use of a prenup.

A prenup allows both spouses to retain and keep their assets falling a marriage. You and your partner will not share your money. You can do this in any marriage you have, but you typically want this to happen if you make quite a bit more money than your significant other. For example, if you’re a famous musician, professional athlete, or an esteemed doctor in a medical profession, you probably make more than the average individual. In the event of a divorce, your spouse could take a little half of your profits if you do not have a prenup.

The big problem with it is that your partner probably won’t agree to it. Most of the time, most significant others usually say no, and won’t go forward with marriage on the table. If you experience this happening when attempting to marry someone, you can also provide your lover with various gifts and increase their relationship with you as high as possible.

Alternatively, a prenup also works on your character. Previously, the prenup only worked on your partner to prevent them from cutting your profits in half. Now, when married, you and your partner share your profits. They’re combined, and you share in their successes. If you do not have the best career, but your spouse does, you’ll be able to use those profits. Typically, you can expect a prenup being offered by your partner when this happens, though. It’s almost an automatic expectation, and not accepting it usually halts the marriage, and your significant other’s relationship with you will lower.

Making sure you have the prenup set up before marriage is important. You don’t want to use your character in their 50’s and suffer a divorce, playing with half of your money. If you’re having trouble securing it, purchase some gifts and offer them to your partner. Over time, they should agree to it, and if the two of your part ways, you won’t have too many consequences.