What is a prenup in BitLife?

Marriage can be a messy affair when money is involved.

Marriage in BitLife isn’t as cut and dry as you’d expect in a mobile game; there’s an element of realism involved, specifically to do with prenups.

Once you’ve tied the knot with your lover, you have the option to have them sign a prenuptial agreement, or prenup for short. This agreement is tied directly to your assets—i.e. your money.

But what is a prenup? It’s when a couple, before they’re married, come to an agreement of how assets are divided if the marriage ends with divorce. In BitLife, if you and your significant other split, your money gets split right down the middle and they get half. Not exactly an ideal situation if you’re rich or famous. To protect your assets, have your fiancĂ© agree to the prenup before you’re married.

The option for a prenup is offered automatically by selecting your significant other in the “Relationships” menu and choosing “Get Married.” Who gets offered to sign is based on income. If they’re richer than you, it’s you who’s asked to sign, sometimes more than once if you refuse. When you refuse, your relationship takes a hit, but vacations and spending time with one another can heal those wounds.

Either way, the success of refusing a prenup or your significant other signing is based on your relationship. Start buttering them up while you’re still engaged to increase those odds. Go on vacation, spend time with one another, give them gifts, compliments, even money. It’s pennies compared to what a judge will force you to pay.

If choosing to ignore it and divorce occurs, your ex-wife and or ex-husband won’t have any problem coming after you for your money. Do you trust them? If so, be sure to keep them happy to avoid divorce.