Ruination bundle in Valorant – release date, price, and contents

Find out everything about the Ruination bundle.

Image via VALORINTEL Twitter

According to a new leak, League of Legends inspired skin bundle Ruination will soon be added to Valorant. Ruination features skins for Guardian, Phantom, Spectre, Ghost, and melee, all revolving around the ruined king lore in the League of Legends universe.

This new bundle will be available right after patch 3.01 drops, hence July 8. The skins available in the bundle are as follows:

  • King Ghost
  • King Guardian
  • King Spectre
  • King Phantom
  • King Melee

Furthermore, the Ruination bundle will also come with a gun buddy and a player card. The skins will be available in Blue, Green, Purple, and Yellow color variation. The melee weapon, in particular, is very similar to the weapon Viego wields in the League of Legends universe. Additionally, much like most skin bundles in Valorant, Ruination will come with an exclusive final-kill animation.

Riot Games is yet to reveal the exact price of the bundle, but it is expected to be around 7100 Valorant Points. Players will also have an option to buy the skins individually for 1775 Valorant Points per skin.

Apart from adding a skin bundle in Valorant, Riot Games will also introduce the ‘Sentinel of light’ event in League of Legends. The event will revolve around the Ruined kingdom, where warriors from Runeterra will battle the Ruined king, a.k.a Viego.