What is Inert Flux used for in Fallout 76? Answered

Gather up that nuked flora.


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Flux is an ingredient that you might not have realized is in Fallout 76 unless you like to frequent nuke zones. There are six different types of Flux that all have different purposes. You can get Cobalt, Crimson, Fluorescent, Violet, Yellowcake, and Inert Flux from the wasteland. These are often used for crafting, but they also have other purposes. Here is everything you need to know about Inert Flux in Fallout 76.

How to get Flux

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Flux isn’t just something that you find out in the wilderness. You will either need to wait until somebody nukes an area on the map or you will need to do it yourself. Once the nuke hits, a radiation zone will be created. Make sure you have your rad suit on before going through the area or you will quickly die. When searching through radiation zones, look for plants. Any flora hit by a nuke will turn into Flux. The Flux that you pick up will initially be labeled as raw.

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Once you gather up some Flux, you will need to bring it to a chem station and stabilize it for it to be used in crafting. If you don’t want to stabilize it, you can wait for it to decay. Like other items in Fallout 76, Raw Flux decays rather rapidly. Once it decays, it will automatically turn into Inert Flux.

What to do with Inert Flux

Inert Flux is the only type of Flux that you cannot use for crafting. Instead, you will want to consume it. This may sound odd since it is radioactive, but it is actually effective at keeping your character hydrated. Inert Flux provides that same 25% hydration that Purified Water provides while increasing your disease resistance at the same time. You can also avoid radiation buildup by having the Lead Belly perk equipped. This allows you to not receive any radiation while eating or drinking.