What is RAP in Pet Simulator X?

RAP has two meanings based on Pets and players.

Huge Pop Cat in Roblox Pet Simulator X

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RAP, the acronym for “Recent Auction Prices,” is a mechanic introduced in the Comet Update for Roblox Pet Simulator X that helps players evaluate the market value of their high-tier Pets. Previously, Pet owners had to rely on community forums, third-party websites, or their intuition to determine a specific Pet’s buying and selling value. For instance, many traders use the “Exist” stat to decide how valuable a Pet is. A scarcer rarity equals a higher value. However, RAP does away with any estimates or theoretical calculations, providing Pets with a concrete price in Diamonds.

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How to get RAP in Roblox Pet Simulator X

Auction House and RAP Leaderboard in Pet Sim X Roblox
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Before discussing how to get RAP in Roblox Pet Simulator X, it is crucial to establish that this stat only applies to Titanic and Huge Pets, the rarest collectibles in the game. Moreover, the owner of a Huge or Titanic Pet does not decide its inherent RAP; instead, the Auction House in the Trading Plaza is what will determine this value. Every time a Pet is traded via auctioning, it will receive a new average RAP value, recorded by the game’s analytics. As a result, a Huge or Titanic Pet’s RAP can change over as players bid higher or lower on the specific Pet. Whatever the case, the RAP is always visible by hovering over it via the inventory screen.

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RAP not only serves as the observable numerical value of a Pet in Roblox Pet Simulator X, but it also is a stat that a player can hold that encompasses the total value of their entire inventory. You can get RAP by trading Huge and Titanic Pets at the Auction House. For instance, if a player buys three Huge Pets worth 3B Diamonds each, their RAP is 9B. Those with the highest value of RAP will be displayed on the leaderboard next to the Daycare in Pet Simulator X. You can visit it anytime to see who is at the top for your server and worldwide. 

RAP sign in Roblox Pet Simulator X
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In summary, RAP can be regarded as two things. For a Pet, it is an average “stock price,” which varies depending on its active performance in the Auction House. For a player, RAP is the total value of Diamonds an individual has based on the RAP of all their Huge and Titanic Pets.