Where to find a comet in Pet Simulator X

Comet discoveries occur once in a blue moon.

Finding a Mini Comet in Pet Simulator X

Screenshot by Gamepur

While it is difficult to reach for the stars with drop RNG in Roblox Pet Simulator X, developer BIG Games has decided to bring the stars down to the players with the latest March 2023 update introducing comets. Comets are meteorites that can appear anywhere at any time across the biomes of every World. These objects from outer space are not just for show. You can gather your pets and break comets apart for valuable rewards, including currencies, boosts, or even an ultrarare Comet Egg.

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Finding a comet in Pet Simulator X

Breaking a Mini Comet in Pet Simulator X
Screenshot by Gamepur

Roblox Pet Simulator X has two types of comet variations: the mini comet and a giant mega-sized comet. The first is rare but can occasionally land in a biome on your Roblox server. For instance, you will be notified with a blue notification that reads, “A mini comet is landing in Doodle Cave!” If this occurs, you are encouraged to immediately make your way to the announced World’s biome to break apart the mini comet. Depending on the strength of your pets, you might need a friend or two to help you quickly receive the rewards inside the mini comet in Pet Simulator X. 

On the other hand, the flagship mega comets with Comet Eggs are much rarer than mini comets in Roblox Pet Simulator X, similar to huge pet drops from an egg. Like mini comets, these massive anomalies can land anytime, anywhere. Furthermore, servers do not share both mini and regular comet events, meaning that finding a comet in the Cat Taiga on one server does not mean you will find one in the same biome on another Roblox server

Mini Comet Rewards in Pet Simulator X
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We had to cycle through multiple servers before we were fortunate with a mini-comet discovery. If you are one of the lucky few to encounter a comet, you can collaborate with other players to break it and receive a Comet Egg in Roblox Pet Simulator X.