What is the Crown and how does it work in Hyper Scape?

There are two ways to win the game.

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Hyper Scape has more than one way for you to win the game. The first, and most straightforward method, is to eliminate all of the other players in the game, so you and your squad are the last ones. That’s standard procedure for any battle royale title, so it’s unsurprising. But in Hyper Scape, when there’s only one sector left for players to move around in the game, a crown spawns, and becomes an alternative way to win the match.

The crown only appears when there’s one sector available for players to move around. Everyone who is left in the match has the chance to grab it, but you have to be fast and be prepared for everyone who is left to go after you. You can see the crown’s location before it spawns and how long until it spawns. When it does, grab it, and the crown gives away your location, but if you can keep it for 45 seconds, you win the game instantly. It doesn’t matter how many other squads there are alongside yours at the end of the match. The crown holder determines the winner unless all teams are eliminated before the timer runs out.

It’s a useful mechanic to encourage players to fight it out at the end of the game rather than seek shelter or wait for a large, damaging circle to damage the enemy team. Hyper Scape is all about encouraging groups to fight it out, though, even the way you revive teammates requires you to take out an opponent to spawn on the fallen beacon. The crown is an excellent motivator for teams to keep fighting, even if only two squads remain.