What is the Fountain of Abundance and how to get it in Cookie Run Kingdom

Get a lot of items without putting in any work.

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There are many useful structures in Cookie Run Kingdom that’ll give you materials and other items. One of these structures is the Fountain of Abundance. This structure will give the player a ton of items that’ll make their time in the game a lot easier.

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The Fountain of Abundance isn’t unlocked right at the start of the game. In order to get it, the player has to complete stage 1-13. Doing so will not only unlock the Fountain of Abundance but it’ll also reward the player with the Cookie Castle.

The Fountain of Abundance is able to produce items every few minutes. For example, at level one, it’ll be able to produce 50 coins every minute and one level one star jelly every five minutes. The player can get other items, such as crystals, stamina jellies, and skill powders but these aren’t always guaranteed.

As you upgrade your Fountain, these rates will increase. At level 13, the Fountain will be able to produce 110 coins per minute and 19 level one star jellies every five minutes.

There are two downsides to the Fountain of Abundance. First, the Fountain can only hold so many items at a time. So, it’s important for the player to check back every hour or so and collect the Fountain Rewards. Second, the Fountain cannot exceed the level of the Cookie Castle. So, if your Castle is level 10, your Fountain cannot reach level 11 until your Castle does.