What is the max level cap in Diablo Immortal?

Where is that ceiling?

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

When you begin playing Diablo Immortal with a new character, your main focus is going to be on leveling them up. Sure, collecting the best gear possible is still going to be a big part of the game, but unlocking your various abilities and maxing out your potential should be at the front of why you continue to work through the story and other events. Here is what you need to know about hitting the level cap and when you can start focusing on endgame content.

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Diablo Immortal’s max level cap for characters

Like previous games in the Diablo series, Diablo Immortal’s max level cap is set at level 60. Everything you do up to that point will really revolve around unlocking various features and abilities for your character. When you finally gain enough experience and hit level 60, you can start focusing on refining them to be the ultimate demon slayer.

At level 60, the Paragon System unlocks, which is another staple brought over from Diablo 3. This is an additional level up system where you will gain experience from quests, raids, rifts, and other events. As you level up the Paragon System you will earn rewards focused on various stats for your character, like increasing your blocked attack chance, improving damage buffs, and more.

The Paragon System allows you to enhance your character much more than the basic 60-level system in place for much of the game. It is designed to cater to the hardcore players who want more to do in the game than constantly grind for better gear. Combine these Paragon upgrades with reforging your favorite armor and weapons to truly max out your character in every facet of the game.