What is the maximum lobby size in Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 DMZ?

A full lobby doesn’t mean a busy lobby.

Image via Infinity Ward

The Al Mazrah map is huge, design-built for Warzone 2.0’s Battle Royale mode, which accommodates 150 players in an ever-shrinking circle of death. The new DMZ mode also uses Al Mazrah, but for a much less stressful experience, with a reduced maximum lobby size to boot. There are still plenty of enemies to fight, but most will be AI NPCs. Encounters with other players are meant to be much more intense, where one wrong move can turn an uneasy truce into a firefight. Here’s how many other players you can expect in a DMZ lobby.

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DMZ Lobby Size in Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0

Don’t expect 150 players in DMZ, or even 100. The maximum lobby size is 66, almost one-third of the Battle Royale’s player count. Thanks to the increased map size, you’ll see other players much less frequently, making encounters with another human a moment of increased tension.

You can enter the DMZ with a pre-made squad of three people, either you and two friends, or via random matchmaking. You can also turn matchmaking off and go in solo for the ultimate survival experience, though unless you come across a Self-Revive Kit or Revive Syringe, dying once will send you back to the lobby.

With the new Assimilation system, you can form tenuous alliances with enemy players and squads, inviting them to join you on the hunt for loot. Once the other players join your team, you can work together to take down Strongholds, complete contracts, and extract as many weapons and gear as possible.

If you’re looking for other players to possibly group up with, the UAV towers scattered across the map will illuminate not only NPC enemies but also other player-controlled Operators. Once everyone is highlighted on the minimap, you’ll be able to see who is who based on their icon. NPCs are red squares with a hollow core. Players solid red.