What is the Medal Case in Destiny 2 Guardian Games 2021

A place to keep your shiny rewards.

The Destiny 2 Guardian Games 2021 has introduced a new mechanic that seems to have players a little confused. In this article, we will run through everything you need to know about the Medal Case.

Players can earn Medals in various ways during Guardian Games, and after getting them, they will be stored in the Medal Case. The medal case can only hold a limited number of medals at a time, so players should make sure they are handing them in regularly throughout the day.

  • Laurels – 500
  • Bronze Medals – 5
  • Silver Medals – 5
  • Gold Medals – 3
  • Platinum Medals – 3

Is the Medal Case a quest?

No, the medal case is not a quest. While it does say “Step 1 of 1”, this appears to be an error based on whatever item template Bungie used for this, and it doesn’t help that it also appears in the quest section of the inventory. This appears to be leading to some unfortunate confusion on the part of players.

Why add the Medal Case?

The Medal Case seems to server two purposes. Because players can only hold so many of each medal at a time, it cuts down on AFK farming. Players cannot just sit in a playlist all day while other people do the work and they stack up medals.

It also means that people cannot hold onto medals, and large groups of players cannot coordinate dropping medals to try and strategically win certain days of the event.

Issues with the Medal Case

At the moment there is a known bug with the Medal case. If you deposit medals, you cannot deposit more medals of the same rarity that are earned in the Tower after that (such as from Triumphs). Players will need to head to Orbit, then back to the Tower to deposit these medals.