When is the release date for MultiVersus? Answered

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Image via Warner Bros. Games

MultiVersus, Warner Brothers’ entry into the world of Super Smash Bros. style fighting games, features a wide range of characters from Cartoon Network shows and the world of DC Comics. With such a broad catalogue to choose from, there’s no shortage of familiar fighters for you to choose from when it releases later this year. The answer to when, exactly, you’ll be able to get your hands on MultiVersus is a little more complicated, though.

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What is the MultiVersus beta timeline?

A closed beta period for Multiversus started July 19, with an open beta scheduled to start July 26 for anyone left out of the first wave. There hasn’t been an announcement of the exact date or time the open beta will end, but it seems likely to last at least a week or so. As far as the full version of MultiVersus is concerned, game director Tony Huynh has stated that the hope is for the open beta to act as a soft launch. This means that, barring any major bugs (other than the bunny, of course), there shouldn’t be a gap between the end of the open beta and the release of the full game.

How to get early access to the MultiVersus beta

Although the game will be free to play once the open beta period starts, players who purchase one of the game’s three Founder’s Packs will also get guaranteed access to the beta immediately. There are also a couple of other ways to get code for the beta, including by watching sponsored streamers and grabbing a Twitch Drop. Additionally, anyone who participates in the beta period can also rest assured that any progress made during this period, including character and cosmetic unlocks, will carry over to the game’s full release.