What is the release date for the Royal Update in BitLife?

Think you’re worthy of royalty?


Image via Candywriter LLC

The next big update coming to BitLife has been hinted at by the developers for several weeks now. It’s called the Royal Update, and so far, the team has not alluded to what players can expect from it. However, the BitLife developers behind the twitter page have shared that the Royal Update is incoming pretty soon.

The developers’ most recent tweet came out on September 2, and they pinned the reveal that they plan to pitch release the Royal Update soon. That’s a massive hint because, on several occasions, the team has said that the update would be “on the way,” with no release date before, but they never pinned a tweet about it to the top of their page. They want players to know it’s on the way, and soon. We can likely expect to see it come out before the end of September.

The content releasing alongside the update will have something to do with some form of royalty. Previous tweets regarding the update that the page has asked the community have been questions about what players want from the update. These inquiries focus on modern-day royalty or fantasy royalty. Of the two options, modern-day was the inner, but it might include some form of the fantasy element, but it won’t be as big of a concept.

Like all updates, iPhone users will be the first ones to receive the update. Android players can expect it to release roughly a month or so after it comes out. Players should expect to handle a variety of new mechanics and ways to play the game. A character in the game may even have to become the notoriety of a king or queen if you play your cards correctly.