Fall Guys – Stuck on looking for players and couldn’t find match error, explained

I got the invite, but where’s the party?

Image via Devolver Digital

Jumping into an online game can be annoying, especially when you’re stuck looking for other players. There’s an error in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout where you find yourself frozen on the looking for players screen, but then an error informs you that you were unable to find a match. Why did that error come up, and what you can do about it to prevent the problem from reoccurring?

It’s likely a server problem. You weren’t able to sync to any of the available games, and the issue is players are not connecting to your game, or you can’t jump into theirs. You can try applying for a new match, and if that doesn’t work, restart the application to give it a fresh chance to hook everything up. It could need a new start to work. It’s unlikely you’re having internet problems or any connection issues if you see this popping up, but it doesn’t hurt to double-check your Wi-Fi connection or your ethernet cable. Taking a quick peek at the server status page for Fall Guys is never a bad idea, too.

Unfortunately, for those encountering this issue, again and again, a good solution could be to try reinstalling the game. The error could be happening because a certain piece of information did not make it over to your side, and giving it a fresh install could conjure a solution.