What is the Winterfest 2020 start date in Fortnite?

Festive cheer.


Winterfest 2020 must surely be on the horizon, as Fortnite players all over the world are looking forward to this year’s iteration of the popular game’s Christmas celebrations.

If you are wondering exactly when the event will begin, then you should know that Epic has yet to release any details. Last year Winterfest began on December 18, which was a Wednesday. If they keep that same timing, you can expect the event to kick off on Friday, just in time for the weekend.

What can you expect from Winterfest 2020?

Frankly, we are not sure. We are hoping that the Christmas cabin will return, just like last year, as getting to open up a new present every day was a huge amount of fun.

No matter what happens, you can expect small slices of the content to be availabel in the game each day, as that is what Epic has traditional done for their Christmas event.

You can expect new challenges for the event, plenty of free goodies, and some new limited-time modes, as revealed by various data miners. Snowdown seems to tie in with the arrival of Snowmando on the map, a new NPC character you can find. We don’t really have full details on Snowdown yet but will keep you updated with anything we manage to learn.