What is Vault Steel Scrap and how to get it in Fallout 76

Craft those high-tier items with the best steel.

Image via Bethesda

Resources are vital in Fallout 76. If you’re not attempting to loot anything you find off of your enemies, then you’re trying to gather up supplies to create something to make your life easier in the game. There are several resources you should be on the lookout for, such as Glowing Resin. An important resource in Fallout 76 is Vault Steel Scrap.

Previously, Vault Steel Scrap was called Vault 96 Steel Scrap, which was the name of the raid you had to complete in Vault 94. You could complete it on any difficulty, and slowly acquire more and more of this useful material. It’s a unique crafting item that you could use to make powerful vault armor. However, while the name has changed to Vault Steel Scrap, it has the same use.

You can also obtain Vault Steel Scrap by purchasing it from the Purveyor Legendary Vendor, who has changed locations to Ash Heap. You can find her in the Rusty Pick, and she has it for sale for 10 Scrip, which is a rare scrap metal you can receive by stripping down legendary gear.

Why change the name? It’s likely an undeniable hint by developer Bethesda they’re planning to drop a new raid for players to complete, and it’ll have a new vault name. Rather than add new material to the game, they gave it more depth by allowing it to show up in the old Vault 94 instance, and the future one, that will receive a name. Unfortunately, we have no details or no further hints at what it could be. It may not be a brand new vault. It could be a new location unearthed on the map that has nothing to do with the vaults.

More items may become available for Vault Steel Scrap, and these are high-tier items, so you need to have some heavy gear and some friends at your side if you want to obtain more of it in the future. You can expect to see it in future raids coming to Fallout 76, and the current one at Vault 94.