What platforms is Rainbow Six Extraction on?

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Rainbow Six 6 Extraction

Image by Ubisoft

Ahead of their June 12 Ubisoft Forward presentation, Ubisoft released two new trailers for Rainbow Six Extraction. The game — which was originally announced at E3 2019 under the name Rainbow Six Quarantine — takes place in the world of Ubisoft’s popular tactical shooter Rainbow Six Siege. The main difference between the two titles is that Rainbow Six Extraction is a fully co-operative PvE shooter in the vein of GTFO or the upcoming Aliens: Fireteam.

The gameplay of Rainbow Six Extraction is based on the Outbreak campaign in Siege, and will have players work together to combat a monstrous common enemy. We know that Extraction is more than a simple zombie survival game, as the game will incorporate Siege’s well-established tactical gameplay and objective-based mechanics.

Rainbow Six Extraction platforms

At the original 2019 announcement for what would eventually become Rainbow Six Extraction, Ubisoft stated that the game would be available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Interestingly, Extraction has been available to wishlist on the Epic Games Store since it was originally unveiled, but it was never added to Steam, despite the Rainbow Six franchise being one of Steam’s biggest hits.

As for current gen consoles, Ubisoft have not yet officially stated that Rainbow Six Extraction would be arriving to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S and X. However, considering Extraction’s reliance on multiplayer and its release falling in the latter half of 2021, the likelihood of those platforms being excluded when the game officially launches is basically non-existent.