What to do when your Twitch following list is gone

Get your favorite streamers back pronto.

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Following streamers on Twitch is not just a way to show support to your favorite content creators. It is also the best way to make sure that you find them in the huge sea of streamers on the platform. That’s why it can be frustrating when your following list on Twitch disappears for no apparent reason. If your Twitch following list is gone, here is what may have happened and, more importantly, how to get it back.

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How to get your Twitch following list back when it disappears

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The first thing to know when your following list disappears from Twitch is that there isn’t a reason to panic. While the platform has some persistent bugs that pop up from time to time, chances are good that it hasn’t erased your entire following list suddenly. More likely, there is a slight technical issue that you can resolve on your end.

Solution 1: Wait it out

When your Twitch following list disappears, it is likely due to an error between your browser and the Twitch servers. This error has happened to many viewers on Twitch and usually only lasts for a minute or two. While this can be frustrating, chances are good that your Twitch following list will come back once your browser makes a new request for info from Twitch’s database.

Solution 2: Clear your browser cache and cookies

If your Twitch following list disappears for longer than a few minutes or if it happens frequently, you can go into your browser settings and clear your cache and the cookies stored for Twitch. This gives your browser a clean slate to communicate with and can resolve the issue more permanently. Once you’ve done this, refresh the page in your browser and your Twitch follower list should be back.

Solution 3: Move Twitch to your main PC screen

If you use a two-monitor setup, sometimes your Twitch following list will return when you drag the tab it is playing on from one monitor to the other. This is due to the way browsers refresh when they move between displays. If your following list does return when you move it to your main monitor, you should be able to move it back to your secondary display without it disappearing again.

Solution 4: Disable Twitch Extensions

In rare instances, Twitch extensions can interfere with the way that your browser collects data from the Twitch database. If you have tried the above solutions and still find that your Twitch following list disappears frequently or for long periods, you might need to go into your list of Twitch extensions and disable them all. If that fixes the problem, you can start turning them on one at a time until you find the extension that is causing the issue.