What to do with Heart Candy in Dark and Darker

Have a heart.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Just because you’re exploring some of the most treacherous dungeons doesn’t mean there isn’t time for love. A new Valentine’s Day event is active in Dark and Darker Playtest 4, and players will likely start finding some delicious candy hearts as they explore the winding caves and catacombs the title offers. What to do with your sudden growing stash of candy, however, isn’t immediately made clear — here’s how to use your Heart Candy in Dark and Darker.

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Where to use Heart Candy in Dark and Darker

Candy Hearts act as a unique currency, ostensibly limited to the Valentine’s Day event which players presume will be an annual, ongoing event. You can use Heart Candy by clicking on the Merchants tab at the top and navigating to a new merchant named Valentine. Interestingly, this merchant appears to be a recreation of Saint Valentine, which explains the odd headwear.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Merchant Valentine has a wealth of high-powered gear, all of which appear to be purple with multiple suffixes and attributes bestowed upon the wearer. You’ll need to amass a few Heart Candies before you start spending, however — Valentine tends to average around 25 Heart Candies per item sold. With how rare the candies currently are outside of the High Roller dungeon, this means you’ll need to successfully extract a few times with Candy before splurging.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Dark and Darker developer Ironmace appears more than willing to embrace multiple holidays with various events. The Alpha 3 playtest, which took place in late December, found users scouring the dungeons for Candy Canes, and Alpha 4 brought about the Valentine’s Day event that has users searching for Heart Candy. The sudden strength increase from using these event vendors doesn’t sour the gameplay too much for others — it all ends up back in the dark, sooner or later.