What To Open With the Shiny Key In Baldur’s Gate 3

You’ve got yourself a Shiny Key in Baldur’s Gate 3, but what exactly does it open? Here is how to use it while playing BG3.

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Act 1 of Baldur’s Gate 3 feels like a playground for you to make the most of your abilities. If it’s your first playthrough, you’ll also make a fool of yourself.

Act 1 had me glued to my screen, puzzled over how to squeeze into a tiny burrow or locate the alchemist’s lab in the Blighted Village. Eventually, I cracked all these brain-teasers, only to discover there were simpler shortcuts all along. Take the Shiny Key, for instance—sure, you’re thrilled about snatching it from those birdies, but the question lingers: where do you stick it? In this guide, I’ll reveal where to find and use the Shiny Key in BG3.

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How to Find the Shiny Key in Baldur’s Gate 3

shiny key location bg3
Screenshot by Gamepur

You can find the Shiny Key in Act 1 of Baldur’s Gate 3, just southwest of Druid Grove, on a bluejay nest.

Though you can just snatch the key carelessly, you’ll probably make some feathered enemies that way. Instead, switch to a sneaky character, like Astarion, and crouch as you walk up to the nest and snatch the Shiny Key in Baldur’s Gate 3.

shiny key steal bg3
Screenshot by Gamepur

There are also a bunch of alchemy materials nearby if you feel like stocking up on the Druid’s stash. Just make sure you don’t get caught; the Druid may be performing a ritual, but that doesn’t make them completely blind to your actions.

How to Use the Shiny Key in Baldur’s Gate 3

shiny key bg3
Screenshot by Gamepur

If you zoom out from the bluejay nest where you first found the Shiny Key in the Druid’s Grove, you’ll spot a Shiny Chest resting on a stone pillar above.

How the Shiny Chest got up there is not for me to judge, but you are in a camp full of druids, so it kind of makes sense. There are several ways to reach that Shiny Chest in the Druid Grove in Baldur’s Gate 3. Here are a couple of ideas:

  • If Lae’zel is already at the party, just take advantage of her superb Githyanki athletics and jump to the pillar to use the Shiny Key on the chest in BG3.
  • If there’s a wizard or rogue on the party, or if you’ve got the required spell scroll, cast Mage Hand and shove the Shiny Chest to the ground. Once it’s reachable, approach the Shiny Chest with your Shiny Key to open it.
  • If there’s a druid on the party or Halsin has already been recruited, use his Wild Shape action to transform into a Raven, fly up the pillar, and then shift back to human form. Now would be the time to open the Shiny Chest.

I’m sure there are myriad other ways to open this chest; it would be Baldur’s Gate 3 if it didn’t feel like a sandbox adventure game. Inside the Shiny Chest is 224 Gold.