What’s new in the Apex Legends Awakening Collection Event? Town takeover, Control LTM, and more

Lifeline and legendary skins are just the tip of the iceberg.

Image via EA

Apex Legends’ next Collection Event is called Awakening, and it kicks off on Tuesday, June 21. As with every Apex event, there’s a whole host of new goodies on the way. From map changes to cool cosmetics, here’s what you can expect to see in Awakening.

Olympus Town Takeover: Lifeline’s Clinic

The original healer is getting her own hospital in Awakening. Fittingly, it houses a med-bay that any Legend can step inside. One of Lifeline’s healing tethers will then begin patching them up. Lifeline’s care packages also come into play at the clinic — you can head to the emergency platform in the back to get some sweet loot. The med-bay needs to recharge between healing sessions, and the emergency care package is only usable once per game, so you need to get there quickly if you want the goods.

Control Limited-Time Mode

Control is back for this Collection Event, and the LTM will rotate through Olympus, Storm Point, and World’s Edge. For those who missed out the first time around, Control is a race to score points, and you’ll rack them up by holding down control points around the map. As detailed in developer Respawn’s blog post, this new iteration will include drones for lore purposes. The team also promises better matchmaking this time around.

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This is the part most people get excited about. There are 24 new cosmetics to score, including new Legendary skins for Horizon, Fuse, and Ash. You can purchase the cosmetics directly with Apex Coins, but they can also appear in Awakening Apex Packs while the event is running. Get all 24, and you’ll unlock a shiny new heirloom: Valkyrie’s spear, the Suzaku.

Other Updates

In addition to the updated version of Control, other aspects of Apex Legends are being tweaked with Awakening. This includes balance changes to a handful of heroes, weapons, and maps. Additionally, IMC Armories have been reworked, with some bugs and exploits being patched out.