When does Season 2 end in Overwatch 2? Answered

Here is how long you have.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch 2’s battle passes are a little controversial for including new heroes in them, but overall, they are a good implementation into the game. During each season, you get a new battle pass to go through by playing matches and completing challenges, and there are plenty of events along the way to keep things interesting. You are put on a timer, though with these battle passes. Here is when you should expect Season 2 to end in Overwatch 2.

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When is the end date of Overwatch 2 Season 2?

While we do not have exact confirmation of Season 2’s end date in Overwatch 2, we can expect it to come to an end on February 7. Each season lasts nine weeks, and with Season 1 ending on December 6 with Season 2 starting immediately after, looking at the calendar shows us that is the date you have to work to for unlocking this battle pass’ items.

Progressing through Overwatch 2’s battle passes are very similar to other standard battle passes that have been introduced in recent years. There are 80 tiers to it, each level giving you a different item for reaching it. Experience is earned by completing and winning matches in matchmaking or meeting the criteria for the game’s challenges. There is a free tier that lets you earn some of these items for free, but if you want everything, you will need to purchase the battle pass for $10 and reach level 80 before the end date.

The second season’s theme is Ancient Greek mythology. Junker Queen has the tier 80 Mythic skin, Zeus, and there are plenty of other cosmetics included along the way. Anything you do not unlock by the end of the season, will be lost forever to you, as they are only available in the battle pass.