When is the release date for MCC Island? Answered

Get ready for an island adventure.

Image via Noxcrew

For more than a year, fans of Minecraft have been waiting for news on when MCC Island would arrive. The server promises to give players the chance to experience the atmosphere of the MC Championship events, with opportunities for fans to join up and pit their skills against teams in moderately friendly competition. MCC Island was first announced at the end of MCC 14 back in May 2021, but fans have been waiting patiently for a firm release date. Here is everything we know about what MCC Island is and when its release date will be.

When does MCC Island release? Release window and speculation

Image via @MCCIsland_ on Twitter

MCC Island will be a Minecraft server where players can join teams of four to compete in a variety of games similar to those that have been in MCC in the past. These include Hole in the Wall, Sky Battle, and TGTTOS at launch, with Ace Race, Sands of Time, and Meltdown becoming available later. Players can play solo if they want, but the main focus of the server will be to join in team battles similar to those that can be found during the MC Championship events.

No confirmed release date has been announced for MCC Island, but the team behind it has said it will launch in 2022. In a tweet, the team stated that the server would be launching “sooner than you think” but stopped short of giving a firm release date. The announcement didn’t specify if the 2022 launch date referred to the upcoming beta or the full launch.

Fans who want to make sure they are among the first people to get into MCC Island on its release date can sign up for the server’s open beta. Just enter your email address on the MCC Island signup site to make sure you get all the news and updates.