When is the release date of Path of Exile’s Siege of the Atlas expansion?

Bring a map.

Image via Grinding Gear Games

New Leagues in Path of Exile usually arrive every three months or so. Update 3.17, which will bring a new League, was initially planned to release on the usual schedule, sometime in January 2022. But with the end Scourge League quickly approaching, developer Grinding Gear Games announced that the game’s next League would be delayed, briefly, until early February 2022.

In a Twitter announcement, Grinding Gear Games revealed the League’s new release date: February 4 at 11 AM PT. The statement also contained a brief teaser for the League’s new theme, which appears to feature an ominous flying creature and at least a few black tentacles. The League’s name was also revealed to be Siege of the Atlas, seemingly emphasizing the game’s popular endgame Maps content. We also know that the new League spells the end of the line for Navali, as Prophecies are slated to be removed as a part of the update.

Although the Twitter announcement was pretty light on new details, we should know more about Siege of the Atlas before too long. Players looking for a deeper dive into the new League can tune into a stream that promises to reveal more information about how it will all work. The stream will be on the Path of Exile Twitch channel, and is scheduled for January 27 at 11 AM PT.