When to use a pit stop in RiMS Racing

Is it necessary every time?


Screenshot by Gamepur

A core part of any professional racing event is the pit stop. It’s a moment in each race when you have the opportunity to stop, swap out your types, refuel, and get back out onto the track without sacrificing time out of your laps. However, you don’t always need to take them. This article explains when it’s best to use your pit stop and when you can stand to keep on racing.

When to use your pit stop

Pit stops are perfect for the point in a race when you realize something is going wrong with your bike. It might be that you missed something when you looked it over in your Workshop before the race, or maybe a part has simply broken mid-race. Either way, if something feels wrong, such as the bike slipping out from under you, it’s time to use the pit stop.

When not to use your pit stop

Don’t waste your pit stop if you’re ahead in a race or don’t experience anything out of the ordinary while driving around the track. It may be that you’ll need it in a later lap, but there’s no sense in using it early on in a race if there’s nothing wrong. The pit stop is designed to allow you to give your bike a final boost in performance when it’s probably wearing out at the end of a long seven-lap race. Save it for when required, not when you feel like you need a break because you can’t get ahead of the pack on the track.