When will Black Panther be available in Marvel’s Avengers?

All hail the king.

Marvel's Avengers Black Panther

Image via Square Enix

After receiving two bow-and-arrow heroes in a row in Marvel’s Avengers, players are undoubtedly eager to see the roster continue to expand. A March presentation from Square Enix revealed that T’Challa, the Black Panther, will be the next playable hero. Black Panther will arrive alongside a massive free content update called War for Wakanda. But when will this expansion release?

Seeing how the War for Wakanda expansion was listed at the very end in the “Summer and Beyond” section of the 2021 roadmap for Marvel’s Avengers, T’Challa probably won’t be playable until the end of this year — certainly after the summer. The release of Kate Bishop, the first new character added to the game, was three months after the game launched — Clint Barton released three months after Bishop. However, the Wakanda update sounds like it will be a lot more expansive.

In the trailer for War for Wakanda, we see a good look at the game’s version of the fictional Afrofuturistic nation, and a voiceover indicates that the nefarious Ulysses Klaw will collaborate with AIM’s Monica Rappaccini to attack the country. As such, expect a Wakandan Jungle Biome to come with the expansion, along with a new Klaw Faction enemy type and a new Outpost.

Black Panther could very well be the last new hero added to the game for 2021, likely pushing the likes of PlayStation-exclusive Spider-Man back to 2022. Crystal Dynamics previously teased Black Panther’s inclusion back in September of 2020, around the launch of the game. The studio implied that the then-recent sudden and tragic death of Marvel Cinematic Universe star Chadwick Boseman led them to alter their reveal plans.