Where to destroy Ghost and Shadow Dropboxes in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 – TNTina Loyalty Mission

Pledge allegiance.


It’s the second week of TNTina’s Trial, which means when you finish 18 of her challenges you will be able to take part in her loyalty mission. To pick between her Ghost and Shadow styles, you will need to destroy the opposing group’s Dropboxes. To do this, you will need to know where to find them, and you will also need explosives. The Dropboxes only really appear in built-up areas, so finding explosives shouldn’t be very difficult.

Dropboxes Fortnite

The map above shows the currently known mailbox locations, with the white pins showing the Ghost locations, and the black pins showing the Shadow locations. Below, you will find screenshots of each mailbox and its location, if you need extra help finding them in the game.

Remember, you need to blow up two dropboxes that belong to the group you don’t want to join, so if you want the Ghost skin, blow up Shadow dropboxes, and vice versa. A quick tip here, if you want to blow up two Ghost mailboxes, then head to Frenzy Farms. Yes, it tends to be a cluster of fights and lunatics, but it also has two Ghost mailboxes very close together.

Steamy Stacks


Steamy Stacks Ghost


Steamy Stacks Shadow

Pleasant Park


Pleasant Park Ghost


Pleasant Park Shadow

Sweaty Sands


Sweaty Sands Ghost


Sweaty Sands Shadow

Holly Hedges


Holly Hedges Ghost


Holly Hedge Shadow

Slurpy Swamp


Slurpy Swamp Ghost


Slurpy Swamp Shadow

Frenzy Farm

Frenzy Farm has proven to be interesting, as we can find two different Ghost mailboxes, but haven’t been able to track down a Shadow mailbox there yet.

Ghost #1

Frenzy Farm Ghost #1

Ghost #2

Frenzy Farm Ghost #2

Misty Meadows


Misty Meadows Ghost


Misty Meadows Shadow

Lazy Lake


Lazy Lake Ghost


Lazy Lake Shadow