Where to destroy toilets for Deadpool’s Week 3 challenges in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2

Smash some porcelain.


The third week of Deadpool’s challenges has arrived, and they continue to be silly and good-humored. One of the challenges is to destroy three toilets, so this guide will show you how to get that done as quickly as possible. It doesn’t take very long to complete if you know where to go. 

Pleasant Park

There are two types of toilets in Fortnite, the bathroom kind, and the portable kind. To find some of the bathroom kind, make your way to Pleasant Part, there are three houses close to each other in the northwest corner that all have bathrooms, and toilets, in them. Lots of the portable kind are unbreakable, so it is definitely best to focus on the standard type of toilet for this challenge.

Below you will find images of the three toilets, with the maps in the corner giving you the exact location of where they are in Pleasant Park.

Toilet #1

Toilet 1

Toilet #2

Toilet 2

Toilet #3

Toilet #3

That’s it, once you are done, that is this challenge all wrapped up. You can find the full list of Deadpool’s challenges below:

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