Where to find Deadpool’s plunger in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2

Help the man find his plunger.


It’s the third week of the Deadpool challenges in Fortnite. The first challenge is to find Deadpool’s plunger. To do this, head to the Agents Rooms on the top left of the main Battle Pass screen, then click on TNTina. When you arrive in her special quarters, you will see Deadpool’s plunger on the top right, stuck to the wall.

And that’s it, a super easy Challenge from the Pool Guy. Deadpool’s second challenge this week is to destroy toilets, so if you need help tracking down your porcelain enemies, we have a useful guide for that too.

If you need help with the rest of the Deadpool challenges, we will be keeping a full guide, adding to it each week as new challenges are revealed. This week, the first batch of TNTina’s Trial challenge was released. Just like with Brutus, you will need to complete 18 of them to get access to the special mission to get TNTina’s Ghost or Shadow styles. You can find the full list of the new challenge below, with links to useful guides if you need them.