Where to find Astro Heads in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2

Bounce house.


Unless you have been deep in the Grotto for the last few days, you will know that Travis Scott and Fortnite are teaming up for the Astronomical event. As part of the event, there are some new challenges that you can complete to get some new items and cosmetics.

One of these challenges is to bounce on five different Astro Heads in the game. These are new to Fortnite, and they are specifically in the game for the Travis Scott event, so you won’t have run into them before.

The good news is that they are extremely obvious when you know where to look and are all clustered together. You will find all the Astro Heads near Sweaty Sands, where the Astronomical concert will be taking place.

You can find all the Astro Head locations marked on the map below.

Astro Heads Locations

As you can see, they are mostly spread around the islands and the bay just to the north of Sweaty Sands. For the challenge, you will need to jump on top of all five of the massive golden Travis heads.

Getting all five of them in one match might be a bit tough, as there will be a lot of moving through the exposed ground in what will be a busy area. Just land on the first one straight from the Battle Bus, then make sure you grab some materials as you head between them, because you will need to get to the top by building ramps.

The good news is that these are bouncy, and you will not take fall damage, as long as you have landed on the giant golden head, even when you hit the ground after bouncing off them. Just bounce on each one a couple of times, and you will have finished up the challenge.