Where to find Powerful Fallen in Destiny 2 Season of the Worthy

An easy farm.

Destiny 2

At times, you may need to hunt down specific types of enemies in Destiny 2. This can be for a quest, bounties, or limited time events that occur in the game. The Season of the Worthy has introduced Rasputin Bounties, one of which is to find Powerful Fallen enemies. Powerful enemies are anything above a red health bar, and finding them is actually pretty simple.

Public Events

Fallen Public Events, which take place on Earth and Nessus a lot, are a great place to find Powerful Fallen enemies. You need to kill ten of them in total for the Powerful Fallen Rasputing Bounty, and a Public Event like Glimmer Harvest will allow you to do that easily. The first two waves of enemies will have Powerful Dregs, and lesser enemies, that are very easy to kill. After they are dead, a Powerful Captain will arrive, adding another notch to your belt. You can get the whole thing wrapped up in two quick waves during this event.

If you wish to use your time efficiently, you can try the new Seraph Tower event near the Winding Cove in the EDZ. This will throw waves of Fallen at you, contain plenty of powerful enemies for you to take out.


If you regularly play Gambit, then you can find Powerful Fallen every time they end up being the enemy horde in this mode. It’s not ideal, as you never know which enemy type you will be fighting, but if you are in no rush, and play a lot of Gambit anyway, it’s a solid way to find them.

Lost Sectors in Trostland

Trostland in the EDZ has three Lost Sectors near to the church, all over which contain Powerful Fallen enemies. This is probably the slowest way to farm them, but it is an option for those who need it.