Where is the Cozy Lodge in Fortnite? Answered

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Screenshot by Gamepur

From new skins to challenges to even free gifts, Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1’s Winterfest 2021 has added several things for players to dig into. The biggest addition from this event is debatably the Cozy Lodge, where players can open up gifts and see Sgt. Winter’s relaxing by the Christmas tree. However, you won’t locate this cabin on the map nor can you visit it with your character by traditional means. Instead, the Cozy Lodge is tucked inside the game’s menus.

To head to the Cozy Lodge, you’ll simply need to begin at the main menu. During the Winterfest, there will be an additional option added in the form of a snowflake next to the V-Bucks menu. Click on the snowflake and enter the lodge to find its wealth of gifts and Easter eggs.

The Cozy Lodge will be playing a major role in how players spend their time during Winterfest, as at least one challenge will have you interact with the lodge’s Yule Log. Of course, the main attraction of the Cozy Lodge is that it will allow players to open up just one of its 14 gifts each day. As it is tied to the Winterfest event, you will only have until January 6 to witness the Cozy Lodge and all of the seasonal content within.

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