Where is the Reaper’s Lair Faction Hideout in Sea of Thieves?

Fly the Flameheart flag.

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If you’ve been making the most of Season 8 of Sea of Thieves, you’ll likely have already made some decent headway in your faction of choice. If you’ve been flying the colors of Captain Flameheart’s Servants of the Flame, you might even have met the prerequisites for accessing the secret faction hideout for the Reaper’s Bones. It isn’t necessarily easy to find, though, so here’s what you need to know.

Where to find the Reaper’s Lair Faction Hideout in Sea of Thieves

There are a few criteria you’ll need to meet before you’ll be allowed to descend into the depths of the secret lair of the Servants of the Flame. First of all, you’ll need to reach a reputation rank of 75 with The Reaper’s Bones, who can be found at The Reaper’s Hideout square I-12 on the map. Make a mental note of the location of The Reaper’s Hideout, because this is where the secret lair is located as well.

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Along with increasing your reputation with The Reaper’s Bones, you’ll also need to reach Allegiance level 100 with the Servants of the Flame themselves. This can be done through hoarding faction treasure and sinking Guardians of Fortune ships, with higher rewards available if you manage to maintain a streak and become a faction Champion.

Once you hit rank 75 with The Reaper’s Bones and Allegiance level 100 with the Servants of the Flame, you’ll learn a new shanty called “Who Shall Not Be Returning.” Return to The Reaper’s Hideout and play your new shanty while standing on the elevator in the tent, and you’ll be allowed to descend to the secret faction hideout, the Reaper’s Lair. Down here, you’ll be able to undergo the Ritual of the Flame to gain the Skeleton Curse. Note that doing this will make you unable to equip all your regular cosmetics, so you’ll need to pay a visit to the Bonesmith to get some new swag.