Where to collect an anomaly from both Logjam Lotus and Butter Bloom in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3

Hunt down two peculiar objects to complete Part 4 of Vibin’.

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With each week that passes in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3, even more Vibin’ quests drop to lend more opportunities at thousands of XP. During Part 4 of the questline, The Scientist NPC will have players search for two objects that stand out from the rest on the map. These objects, or anomalies, are said to be in Logjam Lotus and Butter Bloom, but it is never detailed what they look like. Here’s what each anomaly is and where to find them in Fortnite.

All anomaly locations in Logjam Lotus and Butter Bloom in Fortnite

Although Logjam Lotus and Butter Bloom change with each new match, these anomalies will always be in the same place. The objects you will be searching for in the locations are a wooden steering wheel and a massive pearl that is partly dug into the ground. Once both are found, you will be rewarded 7,000 XP for completing the challenge and 36,000 XP for completing the entirety of Vibin’ Part 4. You can find each anomaly location marked and listed below.

Screenshot by Gamepur

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  • Anomaly #1: You can run into the first anomaly in the center of Logjam Lotus. It takes the shape of a pearl that’s beside a tree and is just north of the POI’s lake.
  • Anomaly #2: The second anomaly and Butter Bloom are set directly between Synapse Station and Rocky Reels. This anomaly is the wooden steering wheel that rests in the southwest corner of Butter Bloom.

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