Where to dance in front of cakes for Fortnite’s 4th Birthday challenge

Happy birthday.

Fortnite has just turned four years old, and to celebrate there are free goodies up for grabs. This means new challenges that you can complete, such as dancing in front of cakes that are spread around the map.

The cakes can be found in every major named location, but there is one part of the map where it’s a very quick process to reach four of them.

Start by dropping into Retail Row and landing in the main car park in the center of the retail area. You will find a cake here that you can dance in front of. From there, jump in a car and drive over to Lazy Lake where you will find the next cake just inside the left of the main entrance to the town, beside the auto store.

Drive across the river and up the slope to Catty Corner, where you will find the next cake just outside the gas station, near the gas pumps. Finally, make your way to Misty Meadows, which is just down the road from Catty Corner. You will find the fourth and final cake you need on the main street just inside the town as you enter from the east.

And that is it, just dance in front of each cake to finish up this challenge. The cakes may also have some smaller slices of cake around them, and you can eat those to gain shields and work on the other challenge too.