Where to Establish Device Uplinks in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3

Sync up to start these quests.

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The Vibin’ quests for Fortnite have arrived during Chapter 3, Season 3. There are multiple stages of this quest for you to complete, giving you the opportunity to XP for the season and level up your battle pass. The first part of this quest has you Establish Device Uplinks, which you can find in several areas. This guide covers where you need to go to Establish Device Uplinks in Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 3.

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Where to Establish Device Uplinks

The Rave Cave is about to be a much hotter location than it already was with these Vibin’ quests. For the first step, Establishing Device Uplinks, there are five locations you can visit surrounding the Rave Cave to complete this quest. You can narrow your search when you arrive at any of these locations, giving you an exact coordinate of what device you need to find. Thankfully, when you find it, all you have to do is walk over it, and the device will immediately sync up with you, progressing you to the next step.

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We recommend selecting a location to the southeast, the south, or directly west of the Rave Cave. These locations will be a suitable area for you to drop, but it won’t always be safe because multiple players are also attempting to complete these quests.

Again, when you reach these locations, you only need to step over the small device to complete the quest and unlock the next step. The next step involves you finding party favors for the big event, which means searching ice boxes, opening produce boxes, and harvesting fruit. Then, you will need to head into the Rave Cave itself to interact with party poppers, which will be difficult given the number of players likely heading to that location.