Where to farm Cecilia Flowers in Genshin Impact

Star-snatch these flowers in time.

All five Nonno hiding locations Genshin Impact

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Among Local Specialities in Genshin Impact, each region has its own unique selection. In Modnstadt, one of them is a pretty white flower called Cecilia. These flowers can be found in only a single spot in the wider Mondstadt region, but there are also other methods players can use to obtain them. This is important because there are two characters in the game who are going to need Cecilias for ascension. With the help of this guide, you’ll be able to farm Cecilias in Genshin Impact, and find out what they’re used for.

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How to obtain Cecilias in Genshin Impact

You can find Cecilias if you look for white flowers on the Starsnatch Cliff in Mondstadt. This cliff found north of the Thousand Winds Temple seems to be the only place in Teyvat where these flowers grow naturally. 

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The easiest route to farm them is to start from the eastern cliff just above the Thousand Winds Temple, and head northwest and then north along the cliff. In this manner, you’ll encounter the largest amount of Cecilias by the most direct route. After farming, it takes 48 hours for flowers to respawn.

Another way to get Cecilias is by buying them from Flora, an NPC who owns the Floral Whisper shop in Mondstadt city. She has a stock of 5 Cecilias every three days, charging 1,000 Mora per flower. Additionally, you can gain a few more Cecilias as gifts by talking to NPCs. Seek out Grace in Mondstadt City for 3 Cecilias, and Sharp on Starsnatch Cliff for 5 Cecilias. 

Lastly, you can cultivate Cecilias yourself through gardening. If you garden with Luxuriant Glebe and plant Cecilia Seeds, you’ll get a Cecilia flower in two days and 22 hours.

What are Cecilias used for in Genshin Impact?

Cecilias are mainly used to ascend two characters in the game. Those characters are the carefree 5-Star Anemo bard Venti, and the mysterious 5-Star Geo alchemist Albedo. Both of them require no less than 168 Cecilias each for full ascension. 

Besides ascension, Cecilias are also used to craft the Anemoculus Resonance Stone. This useful gadget is made out of 5 Dandelion Seeds, 5 Cecilias, 1 Crystal Chunk, and 500 Mora. If you have an abundance of Cecilias, you could also use 100 of them to buy the Cecilia card back from Prince’s card shop for use in the Genius Invokation TCG.