Where to find Wolfhook in Genshin Impact

Howl at the moon.

Genshin Impact

Wolfhook is a type of plant in Genshin Impact that you will need to ascend characters such as Razor and Sucrose. It’s a rare planty, only really growing in the Wolvendom region in Mondstadt.

To find lots of Wolfhook, there is one area that you can check that should yield between 12-18 of the plant, and it will restock every couple of days on reset. If you head for Wolvendom, which is directly across the lake from Mondstadt, you will find a trail the leads from the edge of the lake up to an arena.

Follow this trail and you woll come to a area of trees and bushes, with some Pyro statues. Here is where you want to search for the Wolfhook. It is a small purple plant that grows on the ground, and there should be about a dozen of them spread all over this area.

It is worth grabbing these every time you pass through the area. You will end up needing quite a lot of them to ascend your characters and unlock their full potential. The more of them you build up over time, the more you will have when you actually need them, and you won’t be stuff trying to farm up resources for a character you really want to ascend.

If find Chloris, who can be found near Windrise, you can also buy some from her, although she will have a limited stock available and it will take time to restock .