Where to farm Dandelion Seeds in Genshin Impact

Gone with the wind.

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In Genshin Impact, the region of Mondstadt has several Local Specialities that can be found only there. Most of them usually spawn in unique locations in the region, but Dandelion Seeds are an outlier because they can be found all over the place. However, farming them is not as easy as pressing a button to interact, because they involve a specific combo to harvest. You will need plenty of Dandelion Seeds to craft items and ascend characters, so this guide will explain what they’re used for and how to farm them in Genshin Impact.

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How to farm Dandelion Seeds in Genshin Impact

Dandelion Seeds can be found all across the region of Mondstadt. The trick is that you can simply pick them up like other plants, but instead, you have to blow them away by using Anemo abilities. This way, you can harvest Dandelions in the field, turning them into Dandelion Seeds.

You should always pick them up when you come across them, but there are two handy spots with a better density of Dandelions, making them perfect for farming. The first spot is right outside the gates of Mondstadt City, making it a very easy spot to farm every time you visit. The other spot is located across the lake south of Dawn Winery and northwest of the Ridge Watch Domain.

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Another way to obtain Dandelion Seeds is from merchants. There are two shops that sell them, though none of them are in Mondstadt. Instead, it’s Babak in Port Ormos in Sumeru, who stocks 5 Dandelion Seeds every three days for a price of 1000 Mora each; and there’s Karpillia in Ritou in Inazuma, who stocks 5 Dandelion Seeds every three days as well, but sells them at a premium for 60,000 Mora each.

What are Dandelion Seeds used for in Genshin Impact?

The main use for Dandelion seeds is to ascend two characters from Mondstadt. Those are the 5-Star Knights of Favonius Anemo commander Jean, and Knight’s 5-Star Cryo recon captain Eula. They each require 168 Dandelion Seeds to become fully ascended. 

But that’s not the only use for Dandelion Seeds in the game. You can also use them for crafting and there are three main recipes that need them:

  • Windbarrier Potion: Increases party’s Anemo RES.
    Recipe: 1 Crystal Core + 1 Dandelion Seed + 100 Mora
  • Gushing Essential Oil: Increases party’s Anemo DMG.
    Recipe: 1 Lizard Tail + 1 Dandelion Seed + 100 Mora
  • Anemoculus Resonance Stone: Anemoculus locator gadget.
    Recipe: 5 Dandelion Seed + 5 Cecilia +1 Crystal Chunk + 500 Mora

Lastly, you can also use them to obtain the Dandelion Seed card back that you can use for Genius Invokation TCG from Prince’s card shop. It takes 100 Dandelion Seeds to buy the card back, however.