Where to find a clover leaf in Grounded

Luck of the Irish.


From time to time, Grounded will ask you to find a resource without giving any real clues as to where it might be. One such instance is when you need to find a clover leaf. In this guide, we will show you the best place to get them early in the game. 

Where to find a clover leaf

Clover Location

The good news is that the clover leafs can be found very close to an important landmark, the Mysterious Machine. The important device that you spend much of the early game trying to fix has a bit batch of clover growing right beside it.

To harvest the leaves, you will need a Chopping Tool, and after that, it is a simple matter of chopping them down and adding the fallen leaves to your inventory by picking them up. 

It is a good idea to bring on to the Analyzer, and check to see what other recipes you can use it for. The clover leaf can be used to make the following items:

  • Clover Poncho
  • Clover Shin Guards
  • Clover Hood
  • Roof
  • Roof Corner
  • Roof Interior Corner