Where to find Ancient Fabricators in Last Oasis

Prime real estate.

Last Oasis

Ancient Fabricators are hotly contested resources in Last Oasis, often falling into the control of Clans. They can only be found in hard areas, and are used to make Tablets, an important resource for learning high tier skills.

And Ancient Frabicator will look like a crafting machine but will be surrounded by low stone walls. They will spawn randomly in hard areas and can be hard to find. At the moment, they can also spawn inside rocks or other terrains, making them nearly impossible to get to.

The good thing is that Fabricators share spawn points with other points of interest, like Rupu camps and Wrecks. If you do a circuit of various spawns and clear them all, it gives a chance for an Ancient Fabricator to spawn.

What do Ancient Fabricators do?

Ancient Fabricators will turn Fragments and Torge into Tablets. There are two types of Ancient Fabricators. The first type can only be used once, while the second, larger, type can be used multiple times. To make a Tablet, you need to put 100 Fragments and 400 Torque in the Ancient Fabricator. Fragments can be collected from various sources, while Torque is generated by walkers. Torque can be stored in Torque Batteries, Windmills, Walkers, and a Torque Backpack. 

If you don’t have all the ingredients, you can take the risk of using less, but there is a chance that the Fabricator will fail to make a Tablet. It takes 2 minutes to make the Tablet and the Fabricator will need to be protected while they are being made. It’s entirely possible another group of players can show up and take control of the area, meaning you will lose everything.

There is also a small chance that the one-time use Fabricator will make two Tablets instead of one, but this appears to be a rare occurrence.