Where to find and enter a Chrome Vortex in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4

Launch into a vortex to be sent to far away POIs.

Screenshot by Gamepur

From chests to entire POIs, much of the content on Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4’s map is covered in nothing but chrome. The strange goo’s presence has even affected the weather players witness during matches. Aside from the island’s sunny skies, those in two locations will also discover towering Chrome Vortexes. These may appear menacing, though the weather effect supplies its brave visitors a variety of benefits and abilities. Here’s how to find a Chrome Vortex and what it does in Fortnite.

Chrome Vortex locations in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4

Chrome Vortexes primarily function as the season’s own unique versions of tornados, with them being skyscraping whirlwinds that lift up anyone nearby. However, vortexes cannot be found all around the island. In most matches, one vortex will spawn around Fort Jonesy, while another is likely be on the east side of Herald’s Sanctum. The best way to locate and drop into a Chrome Vortex is by pulling up the in-game map, which will indicate their current locations with large white icons that are always set in chrome-covered POIs.

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Once you are inside, the Chrome Vortex will automatically push you far into the sky and let you redeploy your Glider. You are free to stay inside its winds as long as you’d like, but you can move away to fly over to distant locations. After touching the ground again, you can hold down your respective sprinting button to turn into a Chrome Blob, a feature that lends increased speed and the power to warp through structures. Those who enter a Chrome Vortex will be completing one of the season’s Week 7 challenges, which ultimately results in a massive 20,000 XP bonus.