Where to find and fight Grounded’s first boss: Hedge Broodmother Spider

She’s scary.

Grounded 3

Image via Obsidian

Grounded developer Obsidian is fond of hiding things in hard to reach places on game’s map. There are secret caves that contain a Four Leaf Clover, an underground tunnel system that will yield special Bee Armor, and a hidden boss fight in a hedge. The Hedge Broodmother can be found at the very edge of the map, in the berry tree on the east side, but getting there is a bit of a trek.

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You will need to carefully make your way to the point marked on the map above and then carefully move through the hedge branches. This is a very awkward route, which lots of twists and turns, so we have included a video from WOW Quests below to show you how to get through it.

When you reach the end, you will come to a frisbee that is stuck in the hedge, and the Broodmother will be on it with an Orbweaver as a backup. The trick now is to stay on the branch and kill them both of them with arrows. It will take a little while due to their large health pools, but it is a much better option than jumping down onto the platform and getting annihilated by two massive spiders.

When both spiders are dead, you can safely jump down to the platform and loot the bodies, although they do not seem to yield any special or unique items at this time.