Where to find ant eggs in Grounded

It’s a sneaking mission.


Ant eggs are an excellent resource for you to utilize in Grounded, but getting to them can be challenging. These eggs will eventually turn into ants, and the colony that has these will want to protect these as much as they can. You have to venture into an ant colony with caution, and you can expect massive resistance from everyone inside the underground structure.

Where to find the anthill

The anthill in Grounded is pretty close to where you first start the game. It’s north of the first field station. You don’t want to go too far to where the wooden posts are, but it’s right before those, where you can find a vast area of dry grass.

After you find the anthill, getting into it can be a bit of a challenge. You can usually find a pair of soldier ants patrolling outside the area, ready to take on any foe thinking about attempting to lay siege to their home. These ants are more robust than the worker ants you may have seen wandering nearby, so you want to take it nice and slow before moving forward. An excellent weapon to have to fight ants is the Ant Club, which you can use after taking down a pair of soldier ants and obtain the ant mandibles from them.

Finding the ant eggs

After taking down the pair of soldiers and other ants that could be crawling around the entrance, go inside the open ant hill and delve into the dark. Make sure to bring a torch with you to light your way while inside of it. None of the ant workers will attack you unless you threaten them, but the soldier ants are aggressive here, and you can expect them to be defending everything. There is a method you can do to avoid being attacked by them, though, and it’s pretty easy to achieve.

It’s easy to find yourself lost in the underground catacombs. There are plenty of turns and twists, but ants are not consistently running around here, so you should be pretty okay, as long as you move quickly. When you find the ant egg chamber below, rush out of there and take your prize back to camp. You can use ant eggs to make bombs and tripwires.