Where To Find Dragostrophe & How To Beat It in Palworld

Palworld players are incredibly frustrated because they simply can’t find Dragostrophe, but there could be a very good reason.

dragostrophe in palworld trailer

Image via Pocket Pair

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There are around 137 Pals in Palworld for players to collect, and thanks to its natural progression grind, meaning players take dozens of hours to hit level 50 and compete against the most dangerous bosses, it’s a real challenge to locate some of the Pals eluding them, like Dragostrophe.

For many players, there are going to be tens of Pals left for them to gather and add to their Paldeck once they’ve defeated every tower boss. The game is so vast, and wild Pals are so dangerous in fights that it can feel impossible to collect them all. One Pal that seems to be MIA for everyone is Dragostrophe, which caused quite a stir when Palworld first released because it’s been part of the game’s pre-release marketing videos but can’t seem to be located in-game.

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Where is Dragostrophe in Palworld?

At the time of writing, we believe that Dragostrophe isn’t in Palworld and will be added in a future update. The entire Gamepur staff has been playing the game and seeking out every Pal across all corners of the map, and Dragostrphe’s location is nowhere to be seen.

We’ve been keeping an eye on what players are saying about the game, too, and no one else seems to have found a Dragostrophe. Having seen other players struggle to uncover this Pal’s secrets just as much as we are, we’re convinced that it will be added as part of the planned update roadmap for Palworld.

Why Isn’t Dragostrophe in Palworld Yet?

Palworld screenshot of Petallia floating in front of a player character
Image by Gamepur

The reason Dragostrophe isn’t in Palworld at the time of writing is probably because the game is in early access, and the Pal isn’t ready for players to battle and capture. While there are just over 100 Pals in the game, it already feels like there are too many to master in battle.

The slow grind of progress in this game lends itself to having a smaller number of Pals than we’d see the equivalent of in a Pokemon game. In Nintendo’s franchise, the game aims to amass a huge collection of Pokemon, including multiple variants of the same ones. In Palworld, players are encouraged to focus on training a few select Pals, so they have a strong party, with any extras being used as base workers, butchered for parts, or sold to a Black Marketeer.

How Have Players Seen Dragostrophe in Palworld?

The only place players have seen Dragostrophe in Palworld is in the 2023 reveal trailer for the game. Dragostrophe appears at the end of the trailer in a PvP battle, though that feature also isn’t in the game at the time of writing. There are also clips of Dragostrophe in videos elsewhere showing it as a world boss Pal, which makes sense because it looks as though it should be level 50 and among the legendaries.

When Will Dragostrophe be Added to Palworld?

At the time of writing, there is no set date or time frame for when Dragostrophe will be added to Palworld. We don’t actually have a confirmation for the missing Pal’s addition at all, but we believe it’s safe to say it will be coming to the game…eventually.

Based on Palworld‘s early access roadmap, it’ll probably be a good while before any new Pals can be added to the game. Developer Pocketpair is prioritizing identifying and squashing several bugs and then wants to implement key improvements such as base Pal AI and pathing. After all that’s out of the way, you may start finding new Pals like Dragostrophe in Palworld, among other additions like new islands and Technologies.

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