Where to find Fallen Oak Branch in Grounded, and complete the marker

The southern branch.

Fallen Oak Branch

BURG.L, the robot friend that you discover in the Oak Tree Lab in Grounded. Finishing these tasks will earn you Raw Science that you can use to purchase new recipes from him to make better bases and items. Sometimes these missions will be to place markers in certain parts of the map.

Where is Fallen Oak Branch?

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You can find Fallen Oak Branch to the southeast of the Mysterious Machine. It is quite easy to spot on the map, as it is quite an obvious tree branch shape.

This area of the game is probably one of the safest, contain smaller bugs, and not even that many ants. It is a great place to gather up plenty of sap, as there are plenty of fallen twigs covered in the stuff close to the branch. It is a good place to farm early game resources like grass, clover, sap, sprigs, and dried grass.

How to find the marker

The marker is actually quite easy to find once you know how to get to Fallen Oak Branch. To complete the task, you need to build a trail marker that will require the following resources:

  • Clover Leaf x 1
  • Plant Fiber x 2
  • Sprig x 2

All you need to do is build the marker, then place it in the right spot, and BURG.L task will be complete, netting you some sweet Raw Science.

While you are in the area, we would strongly advise you to grab the Rotten Larva Blade if you don’t already have it, as you can analyze it to get the recipe for a powerful melee weapon.