Where to find Peiste Skin in Final Fantasy XIV

Start crafting with this monster skin.

If you want to be a seasoned leatherworker in Final Fantasy XIV, locating Peiste Skin will help you reach your goals. There are multiple recipes that require you to obtain Peiste Skin, such as Peiste Leather and Grade 2 through Grade 4 Skybuilders’ Leather Straps. To increase your leatherworking skills past level 40, follow this guide on where to find Peiste Skin.

Start in Ul’dah

Peiste Skin is dropped from three different mobs, all of which are in either Northern or Southern Thanalan. The easiest way to get to these two regions is by first traveling to the grand city of Ul’dah. Once there, make sure to attune to the Ul’dah Aetheryte so that you can quickly return to the city after gathering your Peiste Skin.

Travel toward the Central Thanalan exit from the city, located on the upper-right side of the map. You need to enter Central Thanalan in order to be able to access both Nothern and Southern Thanalan.

Central Thanalan

Once you get to Central Thanalan, there are two different directions you can go to obtain your Peiste Skin. One mob, Basilisk, drops Peiste Skin in Northern Thanalan. Two mobs, Rockskin Peiste and Sandskin Peiste, drop Peiste Skin in Southern Thanalan.

Traveling to Southern Thanalan would be more optimal; two mobs in a concentrated area drop it. However, we’ll go over how to collect skin in Northern Thanalan as well.

If you want to obtain skin in Northern Thanalan, go north to the top of the Central Thanalan map. Once you reach the Northern Thanalan entrance, enter it. If you want to obtain skin in Southern Thanalan, go south to the bottom of the Central Thanalan map. Once you reach the Southern Thanalan entrance, enter it.

Northern Thanalan

Once you’ve entered Northern Thanalan, you aren’t far from obtaining your Peiste Skin. Head to the coordinates (X:20.9 Y:24.9). This is where the Basilisk mob is located. You can find your current coordinates under your mini-map at the top right of your screen. When you arrive at these coordinates, you should see multiple Basilisk mobs in the surrounding area.

Southern Thanalan

There is an abundance of Peiste Skin in Southern Thanalan; prepare your inventory. Head to the coordinates (X:15.6 Y:13.3). This is where you’ll find the Sandskin Peiste mob.

While you can easily get enough Peiste Skin from the Sandskin Peiste, you don’t have to. The Rockskin Peiste is just around the corner at the coordinates (X:16.4 Y:12.8). To obtain Peiste Skin from these two mobs, simply kill them and loot the skin from the bodies.

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